A message to all creators

I've seen people become famous for their art

Music, stories, paintings

Their fanbases clamoured around, and goddamn, we always enjoyed the marvels they made

But then... "Those" people would come around.

They wanted more, just like all of us, but they never cared about the creators as people, they just wanted to drain the creator dry,

Sometimes the Creators wanted to move away from their old stuff, or maybe they just got a bit overworked, and I think most of us understand, most of us either look forward to the new stuff, knowing that it'll be amazing, or leave the fanbase with happy memories, understanding and willing to let things change.

But "those" people, the ones that cling on like leeches, and whine whenever they don't get whatever they want, they leave a bitter taste in everyone's mouth, and they push, and push, and push, until the Creator just... stops.

I'll admit, I do like to see a creator going back and doing some of the old stuff when they want to, but only when they want to. I never want that to be to the detriment of themselves.

If I must make one request, please ignore "those" people. Turn off the comments, block the Askers, private the posts. As long as you say why, your fans won't mind. We'll understand. You are more important than our want.

You are always more important than our want.