I have a ton of ideas for stories and video games, but I'm not good at making them happen. So, instead of leaving them to rot, I'm going to put some of them down here. Anyone can use these ideas, as long as they cite me and they aren't a pedo or a discrimitory ass.

(I'll probably put a full list somewhere else, but to put it simply, if you are a racist, anti-LGBT, support Trump or similar political figures, or are a misogynist/misanderist(That means you, radfems), then you count as a discrimitory ass.)

With that out of the way, feel free to read on


I thought of this idea while looking at the Cleancore page on the Aesthetic wiki.

Basically, a horror game with a sterile look. All of the NPCs are wearing full on Hazmat suits, the game area is stark, sanitized hospital white.

The enemies (Mucks?) are piles of sludge that warp metal and tear down walls. They either