The Dying Light Aubade

The summer sun rises

Gazing at me

At them

It's blinding light a voice calling me out

But I don't want to

Why should I?

For their fair heart is a beacon

Their mere presence a song of endless beauty

They are the one I wish to stay with


Can you wait a little longer for me?

I want to bask in my lovers glory

For just a little longer


I know I must leave

But please!

Just a little bit longer!

... You are right, my fretful friend

I need to leave

But I wish to say goodbye


See you later

To my dear one

My Beloved

The Sun has told me

That a new day has come!

And with this new day means I must leave

To work

To carry

To gather my pay

But know this!

I shall return

With the coming of the night

The sunset shall follow me home

To watch our reunion

in the dying light

And the Hours that we may be seperate

Shall not make us fall apart

For even if this day lasts a century

To you

I shall come home!